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Matte Black (BL)

What three words best describe matte black? Stylish, luxurious, and trendy. This sought-after finish graces both minimalist spaces and trendsetting bathroom and kitchen designs. One thing is certain: matte black fixtures set the stage, bestowing a bathroom or kitchen with the ambiance of an upscale boutique hotel or a five-star restaurant. Opting for matte black allows you to make a bold statement and elevate the aesthetic of your interior.

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Cleaning Matte Black (BL)

Tips for Prolonged Durability

After use, simply wipe dry with a soft towel or cloth to prevent limescale buildup.

Handle sharp objects with care to avoid scratches, as chrome, while resilient, can be susceptible.

For routine cleaning, use a quality non-abrasive household cleaner. Apply it to a soft cloth or sponge, not directly to the fixture, let it sit for 1-2 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Wipe your fixtures dry to finish.

To prevent nozzle blockage in your shower head, rub off limescale buildup by hand during your shower. For tougher limescale, use a vinegar-water mixture at a one-to-one ratio. Rinse thoroughly after 1-2 minutes and dry.

Bonus Tip
For added safeguarding of your matte black fixtures, car wax can work wonders. The application of car wax acts as a shield against dirt and limescale, preventing corrosion. It minimizes the adhesion of dirt to the surface and reduces the risk of damage to the finish.

Cleaning Matte Black (BL)

What to Avoid

Using cleaning agents containing hydrochloric acid, vinegar, or other aggressive acids or chlorine.

Using industrial cleaning agents containing phosphorus.

Mixing different cleaning agents.

Using aggressive cleaning agents, scouring sponges, or microfiber cloths.

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Matte Black

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