Black Chrome (BK)

Consider black chrome as an alternative to darker finishes—a bold and versatile choice suitable for both modern and classic bathroom and kitchen settings. Unlike a matte black finish, black chrome boasts a captivating shine that effortlessly captures attention. Whether you aim to establish a specific ambiance or accentuate the tap's exquisite design, this remarkable finish introduces a captivating new dimension to your home.

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Cleaning Black Chrome (BK)

Tips for Enduring Brilliance

After use, simply wipe dry with a soft towel or cloth to prevent limescale buildup.

Handle sharp objects with care to avoid scratches, as chrome, while resilient, can be susceptible.

For routine cleaning, use a quality non-abrasive household cleaner. Apply it to a soft cloth or sponge, not directly to the fixture, let it sit for 1-2 minutes, then rinse thoroughly. Wipe your fixtures dry to finish.

To prevent nozzle blockage in your shower head, rub off limescale buildup by hand during your shower. For tougher limescale, use a vinegar-water mixture at a one-to-one ratio. Rinse thoroughly after 1-2 minutes and dry.

Cleaning Black Chrome (BK)

What to Avoid

Using cleaning agents containing hydrochloric acid, vinegar, or other aggressive acids or chlorine.

Using industrial cleaning agents containing phosphorus.

Mixing different cleaning agents.

Using aggressive cleaning agents, scouring sponges, or microfiber cloths.

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Black Chrome

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