The Chemistry Behind Metal


When it comes to battling the elements, it’s hard to name a more seasoned veteran than the outdoor shower. While resisting the same things as any indoor plumbing feature — liquid water, humidity, temperature changes — it also must stand up to all the merciless whims of the outdoors.

Below, we explain why we choose certain materials for the construction and finishes of our outdoor showers.

The undisputed king of outdoor metals, stainless steel is a carefully proportioned alloy of iron, chromium, and (sometimes) other metals like nickel. This blend of metals makes the iron-strong and extremely resistant to corrosion from moisture and salt and oxidation from everyday exposure to the elements. Stainless steel is our go-to for outdoor showers like the Astra and JEE-O series for more reasons than its resilience. It is 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly, and does not leach dangerous chemicals when in long-term contact with water. Furthermore, it is gorgeous to look at, hygienic, and easy to maintain — all aspects that make it the perfect base.

Polished steel is aesthetically pleasing and accentuates the fine craftsmanship of our outdoor showers AMA series — but its benefits go beyond its good looks. Polished steel naturally accumulates the least amount of buildup over time. Unlike brushed surfaces or other “rough” textures, the microscopic structure of a polished steel surface has fewer ridges and protrusions to collect debris. In an outdoor setting, it reflects sunlight while dissolved minerals, salt, and dirt slide right off its surface. Of course, even the most finely polished steel requires regular cleaning and upkeep to maintain maximum performance.

A hammer-coated black finish — such as that found on our Soho Shower — stands out with an industrial, textured look that’s at once modern and nostalgic. The base for this durable finish is done with powder coating, which involves coating the metal substrate in a dry powder and then curing it electrostatically using either UV light or heat. Though this is one of the strongest coating methods available, we finish it with a UV-protective layer to give it even more years of low-maintenance ruggedness.

While regular brushed stainless steel is gorgeous, gunmetal is another common finish on our outdoor showers and earns some serious design inspiration points. Similar to a “blued steel” look, gunmetal is a black/blue oxide coating atop a stainless steel subsurface. It is called gunmetal because it imitates the look of firearm barrels, which turn shiny blue over time due to high temperatures. Our gunmetal finish is a PVD coating — though the word “coating” is a bit misleading here. PVD consists of blasting the surface with a metal plasma gas, which alters the metal surface’s physical properties and makes it resilient to weather and corrosion.

Stay Weatherproof with Watrline

Your outdoor shower is a place to enjoy the sky, breathe fresh air, and simply be human while performing one of life’s most cherished rituals and Watrline makes the experience second-to-none. Our showers let you be one with nature before starting the day or while washing away the busy day under the stars. This is not just a shower to install next to the pool, but one that can also be an extension of the bathroom. Shop our online collection for the finest outdoor showers on earth.