L.A. Bridge House

As far as modernist masterpieces go, the Bridge House in Los Angeles, developed by the Dan Brunn Architecture firm, is a prime example of forward-thinking design.

With its “film strip” configuration and indoor/outdoor fluidity, it’s precisely the kind of home you’d want to imagine yourself living in to create a perpetual relationship with the southern California climate. From conception to full-build the project took five years to complete, drawing in a collective effort from peers and sponsors alike.

Situated on a two-hundred-sixty-foot property with a brook bisecting the land, the building was constructed to be harmonious with the natural surroundings, while also providing its inhabitants to observe the environment around them. It was also built with directionality in mind, with it existing on the south side of the property oriented east to west and the ceiling windows pointed north. This means the house only retains a certain amount of heat because of the sun’s position throughout the day.

The brook flows naturally underneath the house with an adjacent pool, offering ample outdoor space for relaxation, rejuvenation, and of course, outdoor showering.

The firm took the initiative to ensure the outdoor shower experience is always a memorable, connective experience. They chose to situate the bathing area in a way that enables the bather to see the entire span of the house, offering a substantial view of the property. The architect Dan Brunn, who is the major driving force behind the project said, “If you let your mind truly relax, it honestly feels like the water in the shower is part of nature. It’s magical.”

WATRLINE is always invigorated to be collaborating projects such as the Bridge House in L.A., especially in a circumstance where an inspired vision comes together with our aim to bring homeowners a renewed sense of outdoor connectedness.