Harmonious Design by Matt Garcia

Matt Garcia Design was started in 2011 with a focus on single-family residential homes throughout Austin and central Texas. The firm has become known for its modernist approach to design, from utilizing certain materials to site-planning and structure. One of their latest projects, the Stratford Creek Rambler, is a multi-level dream home set in lush forests just outside the Austin city center. The design, reminiscent of the harmonious ethos exhibited in Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater house in western Pennsylvania, finds its distinctive character in connecting with the dense foliage surrounding the property, as well the active creek just below the site.

The roof deck addition was created as a living green-space, an extension of the original deck and yet another feature of the house intended to connect its residents to the surrounding environment. We asked Matt about how he was able to keep the property aligned with its natural surroundings, saying ‚ÄúWe used a lot of operable glass to really connect our clients with the surroundings. Even when in the space you feel totally connected to the beauty outside. The sliding doors are all operable so the clients can really open up the space on a beautiful day.‚ÄĚ

In realizing these particular clients lead an outdoor life and like to take advantage of the nearby hikes, Matt felt it was best to collaborate with WATRLINE to implement an outdoor shower option, saying ‚ÄúThe clients are incredibly active and spend a lot of time on the nearby Lady Bird Hike and Bike Trail. They wanted a quiet, private spot to shower off after a long run or bike ride.‚ÄĚ Ultimately, they decided the best option was to opt for the JEE-O Original Shower 02. The minimalist, curved silhouette of the Original series stands on its own as a product to serve as both a functional shower product as well as an elegant means to elevate your outdoor space. This particular series has several variations, all of which are available exclusively in brushed stainless steel. As far as its build, the Original Shower 02 is impressive in height with its minimalism on full display: the user need only adjust a single lever mixer for water flow and temperature in the form of an intuitive O-shape design.

WATRLINE finds its inspiration by continuously collaborating with designers looking to align their vision with ours: it’s all about creating a constant connection and relationship with outdoor spaces. The Rambler house is a perfect representation of the kinds of projects WATRLINE seeks to collaborate on, and if you find inspiration to create a similar experience in your home, we’re more than happy to get you started.