The Titano Series by AMA


The AMA Titano is a gorgeous 316 Marine grade stainless steel outdoor shower cast from an individual solid body with an integrated shower head and trademark fire-engine red single knob. The design is restrained and stunningly modern with its towering stature and impressive presence.

While this piece in particular was conceived as a nautical bathing option perfectly fit for a yacht deck or poolside environment, it feels right at home in a multitude of environments. The nature of the construction of the Titano makes it able to withstand various elements over the course of its life, ensuring it remains pristine for years to come. This model is available in a brushed stainless steel version on request.‎

AMA has a proven track record for its extensive knowledge and experience with engineering bathroom fittings and bespoke showers for everything from private homes to spa suites and boat decks. The bespoke approach to manufacturing has been possible as a result of their ongoing innovative techniques and unique production strategy that enables AMA to control the entire process from start to finish. The quality of their materials can be seen and felt, as they can develop tailor-made solutions with both functional and aesthetic value from top to bottom.