The Soho Collection

In thinking about outdoor spaces in the modern home, WATRLINE consistently comes back to the ideas of rejuvenation and connection. What does it mean to have a connected experience with an external environment? Of course, the answer is subjective: for some, it means being in the presence of twilight and witnessing the constellations reveal themselves. For others, it may be as simple as immersing in a purifying desert air in the spring. The truth is that living mostly in internal spaces has all but contributed to this sense that nature feels ‚Äúout there‚ÄĚ, as opposed to how it truly exists ‚ÄĒ in us, and around us constantly.

And while fully immersing oneself in nature may not always be accessible in the way we often think about nature immersion, we feel a re-framing of the concept is not only vital but necessary for anyone who has a forward-thinking frame of mind for the modern home. The idea is about transforming your outdoor space to create a functional and aesthetically enjoyable environment, but also to foster a sense of connection to the external world in a way that is accessible in every sense of the word. The challenge for us is to bring about products that invite our clients to that all-encompassing connectivity on a daily basis. The products are in-and-of-themselves a bridge to that experiential element of rejuvenation, rather than just the conventional humdrum of getting ready for the day or winding down at night.

The SOHO collection from JEE-O is a handsome and sturdy selection of freestanding showers, faucets, sinks, baths, and matching accessories inspired by the famed downtown Manhattan neighborhood known for its austerity, sophistication, and restraint in design. This award-winning collection was conceived in partnership with the renowned Dutch design company Grand & Johnson and has proven to be an authority in outdoor bath products since the collection was released. We feel this series is reflective of the kinds of products that invite the individual to play with the external world and create a new relationship with their outdoor spaces. The Soho Shower 01 is a marvel in industrial beauty, available in raw brushed stainless steel or a hammer coated black resembling the exposed piping you might encounter in a trendy Soho loft. Functionally, the shower features an intuitive joystick configuration for ease of use and minimal interaction. A slight variation of the design is available with a hand shower for anyone looking for a more concentrated wash.

The Soho Bath is a minimal freestanding tub made of DADOquartz able to withstand the elements with impressive resilience. With dimensions of generous proportions, two adults can comfortably occupy the bath and enjoy a great deal of comfort in the process. This particular bath is available in the original white DADOquartz finish. Paired with the Soho Bath Mixer either in raw brushed stainless steel, we find this configuration to be the ideal combination for a modern outdoor bathing experience.

All in all, these products have found their way into our collection for not only the aesthetic value they bring to elevate outdoor environments, but to also establish a deep connection with the world around us. The Soho collection is a prime example of what WATRLINE has in store for our clientele, and we will continue to offer collections of this caliber for the individual with discerning taste and the inclination to have a deeper experience with the external world.