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Living Colors: The Beauty of Time in Bath Design

A high-end material is one that ages gracefully. In the world of bath design, the materials we love are the ones that showcase their history with pride and elegance. From brushed copper to natural stone, we delight in the weathered patina the years impart on hardware and surfaces.

The only problem with historic materials is their inherent scarcity. That’s why WATRLINE has crafted historic finishes on select hardware, gracing your bath with a timeless richness.

Perhaps no metal shows its age with more grace than copper. As a highly oxidative metal, it does not shy away from its exposure to the elements.

Our¬†Cobber faucets¬†in brushed copper provide a moment frozen in time ‚ÄĒ metal that is at once new and antique, finished with the weathered beauty imparted by decades and centuries.

Below, the designer was inspired to use Cobber faucets to bring turn-of-the-century charm and warmth to this high-end bath. Notice how the color of the brushed copper is reflected in the strands of color in the Onyx natural stone slabs.

On the marble washbasins, the clients loved the look and function of the surface-mounted washbasin mixers. The living color in this combination is a showstopper, with each complementing the other.

Shower and Thermostats

In the shower area, slabs of translucent stone create stunning atmospheric patterns on the walls. The shower faucets are tightly concealed in the wall, with the Cobber Thermostatic Mixer providing control of the water temperature. Two stop valves activate the hand shower and overhead rainfall shower separately, letting the user enjoy both at the same time.

The functionality of this system combines with its historic finish and unique cuts of stone to provide a¬†luxurious shower experience. Our¬†HOTBATH Cobber Series¬†provides different designs to accommodate a wide range of inventive design instincts ‚ÄĒ all with a living color finish to showcase¬†the beauty of time.

For more ideas on how to create unrivaled luxury in (and outside of) your home, visit our inspiration page. From ongoing projects to our diverse blog content, you’ll find plenty of ideas to inspire you.

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