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About Us

In 2011, our company (then known as PURIFICARE-US) was born with a desire to transform the concept of the outdoor shower into something more experiential, rejuvenating, and purposeful.

Over the next decade, we sought to establish creative relationships with some of the top designers in the hospitality and residential worlds, and thus the concept of the luxury outdoor shower was born.

Now known as WATRLINE, our new identity is about a broader vision towards opulent, design-forward, outdoor bathing spaces in their infinite iterations.

It is the recognition that our products reflect the modern idea that outdoor space should be used as a means to not only connect with the environment around us, but to cultivate the idea that it is a space for rejuvenation and centering.

At WATRLINE, we source only the most elevated fixtures, fittings, furnishings and accessories from premium European manufacturers, with a particular emphasis on the bold simplicity of modernist design.
Each piece is chosen not only for its superior quality, sophisticated design, and refined functionality but also for its ability to uphold our unique vision.

With an unwavering commitment to close collaboration with our trade partners, each order is managed to the finest detail from inception through delivery and beyond.
As a U.S. company with a European lineage, WATRLINE is uniquely able to provide face-to-face, hands-on service to our clients and direct-line access to top European brands.

Explore the limitless possibilities of an outdoor sanctuary by WATRLINE...